The Secret of My Success which I made with James Booth and Lionel Jeffries was one of the funniest scripts I ever read but it didn't turn out that way on film. Comedy depends very heavily on the director and ours very definitely lacked a funny bone. In the last scene I was supposed to open a box containing two monstrous Argentinian spiders and push them on to a table -- lovingly! The only information was that, if bitten, 24 hour paralysis resulted. Further prognosis was unknown -- or withheld. I tried twice but as those vast black hairy legs scrambled over the sides, the box went into the air and I and the camera crew fled. A secretary, on pain of further employment, had to do it wearing my velvet suit which when returned was wringing wet!

Shall I? They’ve gone
Keep Schtum  
They've gone

'They've gone'

The Secret of My Success

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